with people

For us, creativity means a bold attitude and the ability to take the big leaps.

Magee offers versatile solutions for your marketing needs: branding, graphic design, website design and development, copywriting, photography, strategy work, consulting. Our mission is to connect brands with people. Through open-minded methods we aim to find new methods for reaching the best possible results.

Our values

Depth in comprehension

We always strive to understand and comprehend how the world works, and what affects the people in it. In order to continuously learn, our ears are always open.

Broader horizons

We are curious to see what lies beyond the horizon. We observe everything from a broad perspective, while looking for the true core of things.

Following true ambitions

We are passionate doers, itching to take on new challenges. We find the appropriate solutions, and carefully consider which actions, methods and ways lead to the best results.

Our Team

Oskar von Wendt

CEO & tech guy

Christian Juup

Creative Director