Connecting brands with people through insight and creativity

We explore to discover

For us, creativity is the art of exploration and discovery. We are a no-nonsense marketing agency.

Offices in Turku and Helsinki, Magee provides bright solutions for all marketing needs – branding, graphic design, web design, copywriting, photography, strategies, consulting, and more.

Our mission is to connect brands with people. We do it by providing thoughtful and clear communication. Through design, we attract attention. With meaningful marketing, we engage key audiences.

We bring clarity, thought and style to the brands we collaborate with. Clear is the new cool.

Values that
guide us

We honor listening.

We have a passion for knowledge. We aim to understand – by listening. We learn, develop ourselves and respect other people by listening.

We explore.

For us, exploring represents curiosity, courage and creativity. We explore in order to discover: to find a solution and to see the world from diverse perspectives.

We follow our ambition.

We are doers. We cherish craft. We don’t settle. We dare to dream. Embracing constant growth is our philosophy.

This is how
we roll

We start with why.

We embrace show-don’t-tell mentality.

We avoid speed blindness.

We create tailored solutions.

We’re in it together. Mutual commitment is key.

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