Consulting engineers Aalto-Setälä Oy is one of the oldest privately-owned consulting engineering companies in the Turku region, with a history dating back to 1972. The long history has provided the company with solid experience and a people-oriented way of working.

The existing brand identity and websites no longer served today’s needs, and that’s why Aalto-Setälä wanted to invest in an appearance that conveys expertise.

Magee was assigned to renew the brand holistically to bring it into the new decade. Our mission was to bring Aalto-Setälä’s flexible, human-centered and service-oriented attitude to all touchpoints.

Our design work began with defining the essence of the brand: we crystallized Aalto-Setälä’s values, clarified the brand personality and value proposition, discovered the brand attributes, created a recognizable tone of voice and clarified the core messages. The slogan “Varmalla otteella, sinun eduksesi” (With a firm grip, for your benefit) was created to reflect the very core of the brand.

In addition, we created a new visual world for Aalto-Setälä, where the familiar orange got a softer hue, along with a dark green that communicates quality, experience and certainty. The fresh yet suitably bold visual identity reflects the evolving and vital personality. We planned and photographed new brand photos that create a comprehensive image bank to fit the needs of various marketing channels.

The new brand strategy was collected into a brand book that guides everyone who works with Aalto-Setälä’s brand.

Moreover, a major part of our work consisted of the new website: its optimal user experience, fresh layout and compelling content.

To strengthen Aalto-Setälä’s employer brand, “Work with us” page and career stories were created to describe the company for potential employees.

The new brand strategy was implemented in all marketing materials, from business cards to social media and printed brochures. We also participated in the interior design of the company’s new office.

After this project, our collaboration with Aalto-Setälä has grown into a continuous partnership.

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