We designed and carried out a full brand update for Poratek – Suomen Kaivonporausurakoitsijat ry, a 25-year-old non-profit umbrella organization for well drilling professionals. The project was carried out in tight collaboration between Magee and Poratek’s board members, beginning with the core values being clarified through a workshop.

Reliability, responsibility, expertise and communality: these values were defined as the core of the brand, and extended to also determine the design process. The aim was to create a visual identity that communicates the different sides of Poratek as an experienced instructor, a friendly community, a reliable distributor of knowledge and a responsible influencer.

The new brand was implemented primarily through their website. In addition to designing the visual look and building the websites, we produced the text content and enriched the look with new earthy photographs, that were taken in the beautiful Finnish nature, close to Poratek’s heart.

Continuous cooperation

This extensive project with Poratek led us to a fruitful, continuous development work, where we together design and ideate new marketing strategies to increase the brand’s value even more. Our latest mission was to design an anniversary logo and campaign for Poratek.

colours of water

earth colours